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The Junior and Senior competitions will be in the form of a League with points awarded as below. There will be a separate competition for Fledglings (inexperienced adults and juniors and/or horses new to Dressage)) with a Junior and Senior League.


Points will be awarded in each test as follows:

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points

5th place: 1 point

There will be an additional point awarded for each test entered.


* Trophies and rosettes will be awarded at the annual presentation evening.

* For all tests rosettes will be awarded to 5th place.

* There will be a charge of £5 per test entry fee.


This year all our competitions wil be held at Lily Hall Livery Stable. Please note that parking is very limited here. Parking is available for boxes/trailers nearby on Penistone Hill.


26th April from 1.30pm Introductory A, P7 and P13 Judge: Caroline Birkett

7th June Introductory B, P12, P13 and N28 Judge: Ashley Ward

19th July Introductory A, P12, P18 and N28 Judge: To Be Arranged

13th September Introductory B, P14, P18 and N34 Judge: Denise Booth

25th October Judge: Caroline Birkett


For insurance reasons, the competitions are open to members only, but it will be possible to join Bridleways on the day of competition.

26 Apr26 April 7 June 19 July 13 Septemberil 7 June 19 July 13 September



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