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Meetings 2015

January 2015

We had a great turnout tp pur first meeting of the year, especially given the horrible weather! We were visited by Fiona Peel from Forever Living Products. She gave us a really interesting talk about how ALoe Vera has a wide variety of uses for animals and humans. We were given a talk about the background and ethos of the company, and she also brought along loadds of great sample goodies for us to try out. We all smelt amazing when we went home!

If anybody would like any information about the products give Fiona a call on 07887 608857 or email or take a look at her website

February 2015

Our February meeting was hosted by Charlotte Salter from The Northern Horse Dentistry. She gave us a really exciting talk and demontration about all aspects of horse dentistry, including a look at her real horse skull which the juniors found particularly interesting! We were shown a great slideshow of stories and pictures of all the different things Charlotte has come accross in her years as a horse dentist and everyone agreed that it was very informative and enjoyable.

if anyone would like more details from Charlotte please give her a call on 07812 214410 or email                                

March 2015

Our March meeting was visited by the RSPB, who gave a very detailed talk about the amazing work they do in this country and around the worls looking after not only birds, but their envirnment and natural habitats and other wildlife too. They went on to explain that there are over a million RSPB members in this country so they are a very influential organisation and do fabulous work reintroducing endangered species back into their natural habitat. We were all interested in how we could help do our bit to protect our wildlife starting in our own gardens. If anybody would like more information about the RSPB follow the link below.





May 2015

April 2015

 At this months meeting we were visited by Victoria Smart, the amateur jockey and throughbred rehabilitation worker, She gave us a really interesting and informative presentation which explained the transition from racehorse to riding horse and the steps that need to be taken to achieve this. She had some really great exaples of ex racehorses that went on to win HOYS, Hickstead and The Great Yorkshire Show among other things, plus the many rehomed ex racehorses that have found happiness as happy hackers and local show horses. 

She brough along some intersting props such as the teeny tiny lightweight racing saddle and stirrups, as well as the jockey silks and goggles. 

if anyone wants anymore information about how to rehome an ex racehorse please see the link below.


Our May meeting was attended by the Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds who came and gave a brilliant talk to the juniors and Seniors about their facilities around the country for rescuing and rehoming donkeys .

Everyone agreed that the talk was really interesting and heart wrenching and this inspired quite a few of our members to sponsor a donkey. There was also some fundraising items on sale such as toy donkeys, keyrings and stationary. 

If anybody would like any further information about the fantastic work carried out by the donkey sanctuary, or to sponsor a donkey or even take a visit to the site in Leeds please see the link below.


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