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Isle Lane, Oxenhope

We have dug all the boggy parts off the track, laid in 4 new drains and covered them plus laid gravel down from the top of the track. A third of the track is still left to gravel when the council can arrange another 2 loads. 


The track is passable to ride if you go up it from Egypt House and are careful on the first dug out but ungravelled section.  When the track joins the tarmac road at the top before going behind the farmhouse we have scraped of the slippery moss but where possible riders should keep on or near to the verge.

Penistone Moor

This is work done by the council on the track leading from opposite the top of Balcony (BD22 8QR) up into the middle of the moor.  It has widened the track at the bottom by the stone to allow riders round and the same across the top on the track leading up to and round by West End Cricket Club on the top of the moor.  This is interesting as Balcony on the definitive map is shown as a lane that leads down through Quarry Car [park onto Sun Street in Haworth. It is not permissible for Riders although you can get through by horse - there s a sign at the top of the car park saying "no horse riders" though we understand it is the nearby house owner who insists riders cannot go down, but we are looking into it...

Hallas Bridge

Our working party met Rick Hill from Rights of Way and the original contractor on Friday 17th November and we agreed a way forward to hopefully solve the water problem that continually washes the track away in Hallas Lane going down to the bridge.  The contractor is to put a tender in to the council on the cost of the agreed work and we are now waiting to see if
they accept it and if they can then fund it to start work in the 2018. Our working party agreed we could help with clearing existing side ditches as a local homeowner with a tractor has already cleared the  drain at the bottom of the  lane just before the turn into the houses. This is an important route as in forms part of the Calder Aire Link.

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